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Before talking about a positive mindset lets take a quick look at negativity first.

 We live in a negative environment (I know, that’s not being positive at all!). But we actually do. The first and foremost thing to understand is this (and it is key!) – even the most positive people in the world feel negative. How cool is that! Every single person on the planet, without exception, past present and future will feel negative at times. It’s how we deal with those negative moments that makes the difference!

 So what makes many people feel negative so often over those who feel negative a lot less?

It’s how they approach it. It’s how they have wired their brains.

Is there a magic spell to being more positive? No. Is there a potion? No. So how do you do it? First off you need to be aware of the fact you are being negative in the first place: whether that’s having negative thoughts or acting negatively – you need to accept you are being negative.

There are of course many different methods out there that people offer as being the answer. Simple fact is, we are all wired differently. No 2 brains neural systems are the same. So you have to try different things: meditation, rest, finding your inner self, motivational speakers etc. There’s nothing wrong with any of those, but they won’t work for everyone! One system does not fit all and if it does we have yet to discover it!

So, if you’ve tried different ways to be positive and nothing has worked yet do not give up looking!

remote control positive mindset

Here are 3 things that will help you reduce your negativity and help you onto your path towards a positive mindset without a doubt:

Reducing the Negative Intake

Things like TV, news, social media…

Woah! Before you throw me into the pit of hell hear me out.

You don’t need to stop watching TV or reading papers and Social media posts. But reducing your daily intake will help you massively. I stopped watching and listening to the news 3 years ago. I also stopped looking at twitter and other social media a lot less than I was. The result? A much improved and happier version of me because I wasn’t cobstantly absorbing negativity.

The reality is that the media is filled with negativity. There are reasons for this (which is another blog post entirely) and so what you’re doing is feeding yourself negativity in exchange for information that won’t actually alter your life! It most certainly won’t create a positive mindset.

And guess what, by reducing your daily negative intake you’ll free up so much more time so you can actually do things that will affect your life positively, such as keeping fit (go for a run, a walk or join a boot camp), take up a hobby, meditate, spend quality time with the important people in your life, look for challenges

Here’s a challenge for you, if you’re up for it: Reduce your intake –

Write down all the hours you spend watching TV or using social media in a week. With that knowledge:

Stop watching TV every night, stop going on your phone or tablet to check social media. Use those hours to read a book or start a hobby etc. Start something positive.

If you’re not up for that much of a challenge then reduce the time you spend watching the news, soaps etc and use that time to watch some documentaries instead.

Do it solidly for 3 months, see how you feel.

Take a Moment and Change Your Outlook

So, you’ve had a long day a work, you’re on your way home, stuck in traffic and you know when you get home you won’t be filled with joy walking through the door. What if, as you are now aware that that’s what happens, you took a moment when you park the car. Take 3 deep breaths – inhaling and exhaling slowly, eyes closed and picture yourself walking through the door with a smile, no matter what.

Picture yourself walking into your home. A smile, glad to be home. Picture yourself putting on some music that you like and have a little dance or taking a well deserved shower.

Now go do that!

Better than the original outcome that you’re so used to right! The one you do without realising it most of the time – Walking through the door, deflated and throwing yourself down in front of the TV justifying that you need some mindless TV show to take your mind of the crap day you’ve had. You can’t justify making yourself negative!

Your day is broken into different parts. Take a moment and change your outlook before you step into the next part of your day!

Try it!

Giving Back

What is giving back?

Well it simply means being nice to other people. It costs nothing to smile, it costs nothing to be polite or be considerate and it certainly has nothing to do with expecting something in return.

It actually doesn’t require much effort either. Of course, it doesn’t mean smiling constantly, you’ll probably come across demented if you do. But acknowledging people goes a very long way to making you feel positive and the people around you feel positive too! And that’s well worth that little extra effort.

There isn’t any trade involved and you’ll even get the same response from other people. I can honestly say that there’s a huge difference if I receive a smile when I’m being served by someone behind a counter to a negative employee throwing my change on the counter and not even making eye contact. It can make a huge difference to your day (and whether you’d go back to that shop or not). Simply by having a Positive mindset!


The negative society we live in will grind you and try to deflate you. But remember you always have the choice. Be negative with it and feel horrible, buying things to try and make up for how miserable you feel or choose to be positive and feel amazing by implementing some simple changes to your day!

A positive mindset is an awesome place to be in, an amazing feeling. It’s hard work, but soooo worth it. Find the positives in everything. As Bob Marley said: Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!

positive mindset over coffee

An extra nugget:

Ok, I’ve snook this one in and it’s super cool. So you’re doing your normal daily thing and you take a moment to see what thoughts are racing through your head. If they are negative do this, either in your head or say it out loud, repeatedly – “I am awesome” or something positively similar. What you’re doing is disrupting the negative thoughts. You can then think about positive things, thus creating a positive mindset.

positive mindset decisionIt takes time and an awful lot of effort. But remember, you always have a choice… your choice!




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Phil Pedder-Smith

Like everyone Phil Pedder-Smith has had a Roller Coaster life, but has not allowed the lows to drag him down. He firmly believes when one chapter ends a bigger and better one is about to start. He stresses that everyone can be better than they believe they are! His desire is help you build a more positive lifestyle for yourself through simple actions and changes, creating a more positive you!

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