Unleash Your Happiness!

How can I be happy? Our happiness course will help you with this.

Do you fancy more happiness with way less procrastination & stress in your life!

How much do you want this?

Just imagine for a moment –

Reduced stress levels – so you can feel more relaxed and positively energised. 

No more procrastination – so you can get more meaningful things done.

Unleashing your happiness – so you can live the lifestyle you have dreamed about.

Well you can stop imaging that and take action NOW!

Course price – £37.00

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Unleash You Happiness Ebook

This happiness course has been designed to take you from being unhappy to unleashing your happiness (which you already have within you) no matter how you feel right now – even if you have hit rock bottom. You will learn how to become happy be happy with yourself.

The course steps will take you through key areas of your life so you can create the positive changes needed.

Course Breakdown

Step 1 – Awareness – Being more aware makes you more grateful, which will magnify your positivity!

Step 2 – The 1 Second Rule – Taking a moment help you keep focused and reduce stress!

Step 3  – Negative People & Environment – Making positive changes!

Step 4 – Health & Exercise – Simple: Look after your body and mind, feel happier!

Step 5 – Money – create a better and positive relationship with money!

Step 6 – De-clutter – This is for both your environment and your mind!

Content Sample

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You may or may not be doing what we were doing…

We read countless books, borrowed or bought, on personal growth, went to several seminars on personal development and followed online courses.

What did we get? An awful lot of information, a lot of researching and a lot of stuff that just didn’t work. And all for the cost of over £12,000.00 (we wouldn’t ask you for anything close to that, we promise).

We’ve spent thousands on getting to this point and now for the cost of a few drinks you can start to change your life for the better – take control and see noticeable positive changes not only to yourself but your outlook on life too.

Getting Started

Get started and learn, as you move forward, how to be happy in life. It’s time to truly love yourself and just get going!

By completing these 6 proactive steps you’ll create a more positive environment, feel healthier, have more money, be happier and have way less stress! Happiness.

How does this sound to you?

Click the book to get immediate access…

Unleash You Happiness Ebook

You know this as much as we do…

Procrastination will ruin you. In 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years you’ll do exactly what you’re doing now – be no further forward, looking back on your life wishing you’d started reducing the stress in you life and unleashing your happiness ages ago.

Just Get Started!

No excuses – seriously, there are none.

You don’t have time? Yes you do, stop watching so much TV and devote it to your personal growth.

You don’t have the money right now? Yes you do, you’ll be going out at the weekend – that one single night out

The children take up all your time? When they go to bed use that time to positively change yourself.

I’ll start tomorrow, next week, next month, new years resolution! That’s pure rubbish and you know it.

We’ve used every one of those excuses in the past and they got us nowhere!

As you go through these 6 steps you’ll find that there are no excuses. You have control, you’re in charge, generate happiness thoughts!

You’ll have less stress, you’ll be even more focused than before, you can unleash your happiness and those excuses – what excuses?

What you get is a system that will change your life in a positive way. You will receive the full 6 month course with an introduction, useful ‘Get started’ actionable tips along with “Quick Tips” to help you get going quickly as you progress through each month.

You will also be notified in the future of FREE updates for the course if they become available, so the content will always remain fresh and relevant.

Bonus: You will also gain access to the private facebook group when you purchase any course. This group will allow you interact with like minded people. We will also be active in the group to answer your questions. To gain access to this exclusive group there will be a link in the course – simply click and request, we will then add you!

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Click the book to get immediate access…

Unleash You Happiness Ebook

Let us tell you a story...

A few years ago it all came to a head when my now ex-wife told me in an aggressive manner that she and her family (parents, brother and uncle) didn’t believe in me and my new business.

Now, it’s difficult starting a business from scratch and this is a time when you need the absolute support of your family (my side of the family all live in Ireland so they could, understandably, only offer so much support over the phone).

I had decided to start my own business as I had previously applied for 80 jobs and got 2 replies saying I wasn’t successful for interview. Not exactly filling me with confidence at that time.

So, already under pressure to support my family, those cruel words crushed me. I instantly felt physically sick. I was feeling hopeless and had hit rock bottom at that moment.

Although I didn’t react to what she said I left the house in tears. But I learned something in that instant – these people were not my people. I was in the wrong environment. If positive change was to happen I first had to change myself – so I did.

Although not right away we separated and I started to become more self aware.

I started to exercise for the first time ever by joining a bootcamp – to become fitter and stronger both in body and mind. I challenged myself for the first time in years.

My real journey began when I met my partner Debbie.

Moving forward I built my company and then sold it. Following on from this I started PenstarGrowth with Debbie. The support we give one another is something I have never experienced before. Our focus, drive and desire is to help as many people as possible to unleash their happiness.

Moving forward

So you see, I knew there had to be more. And you do too! You have the awesome power within you already to do and be more, no matter where you are right now in your life.

Debbie and I continue to use this system – the results have been amazing, beyond what we had hoped for – less stress, less procrastination and way more happiness.

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Unleash You Happiness Ebook


We guarantee you that if you work hard and follow the online course steps you will create a more positive you, reducing the gap of where you are now and where you want to be! For peace of mind we offer a 30 day money-back-guarantee if you are not entirely happy with the course.

Not ready to commit? we can’t keep the course at this price and it will rise soon!

We’ve made a personal commitment by setting the price at £37 for the first 37 people so we can’t keep the course at this price for you and it will go back to to £197 after that!

Click the book to get immediate access!

Unleash You Happiness Ebook

We desire you to succeed, we want you go from being unhappy to unleashing your happiness. And the awesome part – when you have that happiness you can share it with others! We sincerely wish you well in your life.