10 ways to help you stop overthinking

Overthinking coffee

  • 1:  The first and most important thing is to become more aware of overthinking. Awareness is the beginning of your change. When you start to overthink or start getting stressed, just take a step back and look at the situation. Doing this makes you more aware and in turn this will help you control you’re over thinking and look at it logical.
  • 2:  Think of what could go right not all the things that could go wrong. A lot of the time our over-thinking gets out of control is because we focus on negative things that may or may not happen-when this happens try to think about what could go right.
  • 3: Try to distract yourself. This could be by exercising, meditating, learning an instrument, just something to occupy your mind from negative thoughts.
  • 4: Try not to make  the situation bigger than it actually is; have  a bit of perspective.
  • 5: Stop waiting for everything to be perfect. It OK to want everything to go right but it needs to also be realistic.

Number 6 to 10:

  • 6:  Do not be afraid of failure, the only way to learn is to fail. When and if it does not work out, put it down to experience and move on. Remember better things are always round the corner.
  • 7: If you find it hard not to worry or over think, set yourself boundaries. Put a timer on for say about 15 min and this is your time to worry. Spend this time to write down all you are worrying or over thinking about. When your time is up, chuck the piece of paper away.
  • 8: You must understand that you can not know what the future holds, so try to live for the now and use your energy on everyday instead of worrying what may or may not happen in the future or even tomorrow.
  • 9: Be proud of who you are and try not to worry about what others think of you or what others are doing or what others have. Always be grateful for what you have and remember you are unique and there is no one else like you, cherish this.
  • 10: Think of all the positive things you have in life. Write a list of three things that you have been grateful for everyday. They is always something to be grateful for (even someone opening a door for you is a positive). There is no problems that don’t have a solution, you just need to take a step back. In every situation no matter how bad, they is always something positive to pull out of it. We all need to stop focusing on the bad things and start finding all the good things. Believe me when you start to become aware and look around you will realise how amazing the world and your life is.

overthinking life

Don’t let it consume you

Many people overthink and it end’s up consuming their life. But if you have a system on how to deal with it, you will see how life will change for you. Just think of all the energy you will save not worrying about things that could happen. By not worrying or over thinking will help you towards your happiness.

Too much thinking

Overthinking is exactly what it means: thinking too much. When we start overthinking, we stop acting or doing and start to analyse everything.It’s the same thought goes over and over again and again, till you end up making the initial thought much bigger than it originally was. All this overthinking is a total waste of your energy and your time; it’s not good for your health either.

Most of the time it is about something we can not control and no matter how much we think about it is going to make the outcome any different, or change it. You just end up feeling really depressed, angry and actually with all the over thinking you will probably make it worse.

In the end you will end up feeling really down and hopeless, having negative thought about yourself which is no good for your self-esteem).

overthinking relationships

Things to look out for if you are an over-thinker

  • It keeps you up at night and you can not turn you mind off.
  • You may be drinking or self-medicating more to feel calmer and to be able to stop thinking about it even for a little while.
  • Because you are constantly thinking, it can become exhausting, you will feel tired and suffer from many headaches.
  • You’ll feel like you have to control everything.
  • You always worry about what the future holds.
  • Second guessing yourself all the time and seeking reassurance from other people. (this could be what you are wearing, where you are going.
  • You worry about what you say to people and you over think when they say something to you.

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You can not control everything

It is a fact you have to  accept that you can not control everything. That all this over thinking is holding you back and you are probably the one who is making the situation a lot worse. In order to grow you need to step out of your comfort zone and learn from your mistakes. See them for opportunities for improvement not failure. Learn how to live in the now and not in the past.

What ever happened in the past you must understand that you can not change it and you need to find a way to deal with it and leave it behind you. Otherwise this will always hold you back. We do the  same with the future, if you worry too much about what is going to happen in the future; you will not be able to enjoy your life now. Nobody really knows what is going to happen and all the over thinking about it robs you of what you can enjoy now. Use you energy to have a life now and do things to enhance your happiness.

What happens when you over think

It could be that something happened in the past you can not stop thinking about, why it happened, what if it didn’t, what if I did this, what if I said this, what if we didn’t go etc.

Maybe  a simple thing that someone said and you took it the wrong way and can not stop thinking about it. Why they said it. You’ll end up coming up with lots of different scenarios and none of them will be positive. You could just over think about everything (like what to wear, how you should behave, do people like me and am I doing this right). It also could be that when you text someone and they do not reply straight away you instantly think that you have done something wrong or that they are ignoring you. This may lead to you constantly texting that said person and this could lead to all sorts of problems.

finding it hard to focus

Maybe you  also find it hard to make any sort of decision because you will have to think about every situation that could happen before you make the final decision. By doing this you could miss out on lots of amazing opportunities. You could be missing out on lots of wonderful things.

When you over think and are with other people, you will be come distracted and not be aware of what is being said by them. You will not be emotionally present as you will be focusing on your thoughts. This will have an effect on people that you are with and they in turn can become distant from you as you may come across not interested.

Overthinking is no good

Overthinking and worry is no good for us and it will certainly hold you back from moving forward and getting on with your life. It will stop you from following your desires and from trying anything new or going anywhere different. What will happen is that you  will end up having lots of regrets and always saying what if.

The thing is we need to think more like “what is the worse that can happen” and just be honest with ourselves.

I really hope that this helps and that you can work towards not over thinking and pursue your happiness.

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