Reasons Why Other People’s Opinions Don’t Always Matter

People talk and they always will, no matter what we do, say or behave. (Everyone has an opinion). We all have our likes and dislikes and there is nothing wrong with that. In this blog I’m talking about opinions that are nasty, demeaning and can stop you from reaching for your desires.

The opinions that can make you feel hurt and self conscious. Unfortunately they is a lot of people that think that they know what’s best for you. Even if the have not experienced it themselves (like someone who tells you how to bring up your children but they have never has any children of their own).

It’s like they believe they have a right to criticise how you live you life. It could be a stranger, a friend work colleague and even a family member. They may be doing it out of love and concern and don’t want you to get hurt, but to be honest it’s still degrading. It  makes you feel that you can’t decided things for yourself or that you are not living your life properly.

Opinions affect others

It makes me wonder how many people in this world are affected by other people opinions. Not ever reach their potential and stay in the comfort of how others want them to live.

We have all probably been affected by someone giving us there opinion (I know I have, more than one). It’s not a nice feeling and it can make you question what you are doing and you may be persuaded to change your mind. You can end up giving something up because of someone else and you may regret it and then in turn blame the person who gave you there opinion.


People’s opinions

We should not let other people’s opinions get to us but we can’t stop them for having one. We can control how it affects you.

Just because someone is different from you, doesn’t make them inferior than anyone else.

You see the thing is no-one else is better than anyone else, no matter whom you are or what you do and what you look like.

Trying not to take someone opinion to heart is hard (especially if its hurtful) but we must try for our own peace of mind. As long as what you are doing is the right thing, you should not care what anyone else thinks or says.

There are many reason why?

People will always find someone to talk about, how big you are, how skinny you are, what colour, what job you have and a matter of other things. The thing is we are all different and that’s a great thing (how boring would it be if we were all the same). At the end of the day we all humans, we are born and then die (that’s the same for everyone no matter who we are). We are all unique and special and we should all start to think like that. Worry and look after ourselves and not others.


Your self-worth is not defined by an approval rating. People will always judge you but we need to understand that how we feel is how we are actually allowing them to make us feel. No where is there a scale to rate how good a person is, so STOP rating yourself?

Nobody knows what you have been through but you. When we meet people for the first time, we can judge them straight away.  You form an opinion on how they behave and maybe on what you have heard about them. But what you must remember is that what someone else thinks of someone is their opinion and you should make your own mind up. Just because they think that about this person, when you meet them you may feel different.

It’s your life

Also when you meet someone and they seem grumpy or quiet. It could that they are just having a bad day, could have just received bad news, lost a job, had an argument with their partner or could be really shy. We really must be more aware of judging people. Think about how we behave when we have had a bad day. Would you like someone to think you were just a grumpy person (NO).  And, yes they are a lot that are just grumpy people but you will realise that if they behave the same every time you meet them.


Be yourself

Trust yourself, you know who you are. You need to believe in YOU. Do what’s right for YOU and not base your decision on what other people think about you and on what you are doing. NOBODY IS PERFECT. Nobody has the right to declare you are unfit or unworthy. What you have to understand is you will always be judged, it’s the society we live in, but you do not need to let it bother you. What makes you think that they are right about you and you are wrong (fact).

What’s good for someone else might not be good for you, we are all different. We have all been brought up with different values and beliefs. So it makes no difference if one way is good for someone, might not be right for someone else. For example: it might be right for one child to go to uni but not another. We are all different, we all learn in different ways and we all have different things we are interested in. that’s what makes us all unique.

You can’t please everyone

We also have to understand we can never please everyone all of the time, so we should not try too. Someone is always going to have an opinion on which path you follow. They will judge on how you bring your children up, what education you had or what education is better, even what political party to vote for.

You can not agree with everyone, it’s just impossible. We need to accept that we all have a different view and that’s perfectly fine. It makes great conversation and it’s always great to hear someone else’s perspective, again it doesn’t mean they are right.

The last thing I’m going to leave you with is, what an amazing feeling it is when you do not live your life worried about what others think. You have a sense of freedom, instead of using your energy on worrying and trying to please everyone. You can use your energy on building your life your way.

So if you want to live a life that is inspiring, fun adventurous and meaningful, you need to let go of the need of approval of other people.

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Debbie Gromett

Debbie is training to be a qualified counsellor and she loves to volunteer for her local charities. She firmly believes that it's never too late to make positive changes in your life. She is a single mum of four daughters and in her spare time loves to run, read and has a fascination with how the mind works.

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