Invest in yourself – Bigger picture v picture is bigger

invest in yourself

What does that actually mean?

Invest in yourself means developing the right positive mindset and learning skills that will allow you to create your own destiny. To take control and live the life you dream about – in essence: creating a more positive you!

It doesn’t mean getting into debt by going to Uni so you can have letters after your name. You won’t create your own destiny doing that as you will simply be entering the workforce to make someone else the money.

It doesn’t mean putting yourself in debt so you can buy stuff to impress people who really don’t care.

Show me the money

I grew up wanting the money, but didn’t feel I deserved it somehow. Late on in life I learned that’s pure nonsense. Every one of us deserves an abundance of balanced wealth. Most people don’t know how to spend money correctly.

You have 3 choices when it comes to money – spend, invest or do both (saving no longer works – banks offer no incentive)

Spending on ‘stuff’

If you just spend money on stuff you’re living the normal life required of you. You work to get paid, buy material goods then earn more money to do the same thing again. Simple loop.

The sad reality is this – You want a better paying job so you get more money because that will give you the lifestyle you want… wrong. You will spend that extra money on more material goods and then you will want more money (another loop) – that’s not investing in yourself.

There’s a saying: If you’re not happy with what you’ve got, what makes you think you’ll be happy with more?

By investing in yourself you’ll make a realisation early on. You will learn gratitude – being grateful for everything around you, including what you have and what’s within you.

Investing in yourself

Invest in yourself, so you can make more money and live the lifestyle you wish by adding value to what you know. Or invest in property or some other money maker so you can make more money (better than sitting in a bank) and live the lifestyle you wish later.

Doing both is ok in parallel.

Choosing to invest in yourself is the most important investment you will ever make. Imagine if you had the opportunities to amass a great wealth, you could then give back to those important people in your life. The ones who stuck by you as you worked hard to get that wealth, but you could also help those less fortunate than you.

You can’t do much to help those around you with your massive TV screen or the expensive car you have on lease terms.

invest in yourself

Personal development

Personal development is my thing. My purpose is to help as many people in life realise first of all that ‘they can be better than they believe they can be’. And secondly, that they can then give something amazing back to others when they have the wealth to do so.

Think about this: Put your societal vanity to one side and live the life that those around you wouldn’t so that in the future you can live the life that they can’t.

In other words, live poor, amass some money, invest it and reinvest it. You’ll then be able to live the life you want in the future.  And best part of all… you’ll be able to afford your lifestyle hundreds of times over, won’t have debts and most important of all, you’ll be in a better position to be able to help people.

I’ve personally attended many seminars over the past couple of years with mixed results. But one thing is absolutely common between them all. I have a new and better understanding of me, new skill sets and even more positivity and belief that I am on the right path to fulfilling my purpose in life. And that’s to become very wealthy by helping as many people as possible achieve happiness in their lives (both go hand in hand).

There is no way I’d be the positive person I am today without having invested in myself.

Is it worth it?

This depends on how you look at it. Is investing in yourself worth the money or your time… or both.

money and time

Here’s one way off looking at it. Setting the scenario:

You have a 50 inch flat TV screen that you bought 6 months ago, but your mate has recently just gone and bought a 70 inch flat screen. It is so awesome. You want one, but you need the cash so you start saving, on top of the other things you are saving for. Things like a holiday abroad with the family a newer and better car, decorating the house etc.

You’re going to save what you can each month. You plan to do this for several months etc, as you always do, but the credit card is a way to get it quicker.

You’ve also recently been looking at some seminars/courses about training for new skills and personal development because you’re interested.

Scene 1:

You use the credit card and some cash you got from selling the smaller TV to pay for the new 70 inch TV.

You’ll pay the card of over 12 months, if you can.

You’re very happy as you can now see what you saw before on your other TV, only a bit bigger.

Within a few weeks you don’t even think about it. But you’re hundreds of pounds in the hole.

Scene 2:

You think to yourself ‘Lovely TV, but mine does the same thing, only a smaller picture’

Those seminars/courses, well you decide to improve your life for the better, to give yourself the chance to live the lifestyle you want. Then in the future you can buy the biggest TV you want without a thought of how you’d pay for it.

You sign up for the seminars and learn new life skills. Ways to earn so much more money!

You are paying the fees for the seminar on a monthly agreement.


3 years later (or thereabouts)

Scene 1:

You managed to pay off the TV, but now your mate has a bigger and better TV system. You never got to take the dream holiday you had been planning as money was too tight, so you and your family had to go for something cheaper. Life goes on as normal, but at least the card is paid off… Now you just need the money for a better TV system…

Scene 2:

That personal development course you took – well you’re on the beach with your laptop, booking tickets to the Champions League final, you’ve also had an email to say your new home cinema system has been installed and by checking your bank account you just made a load of money while you were asleep…

We all want scene 2 – yes you have to work hard and wait, but the end result far out weighs the ‘I want it now’ attitude.

Obviously there are many, many scenarios. But if you’re in a rut, if life is like a hamster wheel or if you really are looking for change then it’s time to make that change, but it is down to you and only you! Investing in yourself is not easy as there’s a lot of work ahead. But then living the normal ‘societal’ life isn’t easy either – it’s worse in fact.

Investing in yourself is only a positive experience as it will offer you opportunities that you never had before, it will give you new skills that you never had and it will open your mind.

You will see the ‘bigger picture’, one that will open new doors and show you a path to a much better lifestyle.

And buying that TV, well I suppose at least the ‘picture is bigger’…


The more you put in the more you get out.

You can follow the plan given to you for a few months and then quit if you don’t see results – but really?

The reality is, you’ve worked for how many years and for what achievement? If you feel having decades of mortgage/rent, working a lot of really hard hours each week, and having to do the same thing again to buy the basics to live on for your entire existence as being easy and safe – then that’s absolutely ok.

Or you can have faith in you as a person and also the plan you’ve been given by the person who has the wealth. This could be a mentor, trainer, success story etc. It will actually work if you apply as much hard work as you do in your job, if you stay the course and don’t quit.

Yes it takes time and time is a very precious commodity, but watching TV is not the right way to use your time. Isn’t it time to look at the bigger picture.

As a society we have it wrong. We have been conditioned to do this:

Buy material goods before investing in ourselves

When in fact we should be:

Buying material goods after investing in ourselves

Invest in YOU!

Don’t wait 10 years spending tens of thousands of pounds on ‘stuff’ only to realise how unhappy you are. Think about spending those tens of thousands of pounds on personal development for you. Then in 10 years you can buy anything you want without thinking about how you’ll pay for it, whilst living the lifestyle you desire and helping countless people at the same time.

Invest in yourself so you can see the ‘bigger picture’ rather than sitting in front of the big 70 inch TV where the ‘picture is bigger’

Oh, and the icing on the cake – it doesn’t matter if it’s 16 or 60 candles, there’s no age restriction on personal development. Invest in yourself and create a more positive you!

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Like everyone Phil Pedder-Smith has had a Roller Coaster life, but has not allowed the lows to drag him down. He firmly believes when one chapter ends a bigger and better one is about to start. He stresses that everyone can be better than they believe they are! His desire is help you build a more positive lifestyle for yourself through simple actions and changes, creating a more positive you!

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