Being grateful diary

‘Gratitude meaning:
The quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness:

The question would be is why should we be grateful. A question which is probably asked a lot especially when life is not going the way you would hope it would.

Why be grateful

In this e-book I’m gong to explain why we should be grateful and what we can benefit from it.
Gratitude is an attitude and a way of living that has shown to have so many benefits to health, happiness. To give you satisfaction in your life help and help you relate to people more. To have more awareness.
Gratitude comes hand in hand with mindfulness, which focuses on the present and appreciating what you have and not wanting more and more.
Feeling and expressing gratitude can help us feel more positive mentally, which helps us feel less worried and negative about life.
It creates positive emotions like joy, love and contentment, which research has shown can undo negative emotion.

Being grateful and thankful

“It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness”.

Gratitude is an attitude

Gratitude is an attitude, a way of living that can bring many benefits, including health, happiness. Being satisfied with what you have, rather than always wanting more and more.
Being grateful goes well with being mindful, as it focuses on the now (mindfulness is becoming very popular at the moment).
It is so much easier to think negative but being grateful makes you focus on the good and the positive that has happened during the day.
The more you are grateful the more positive you will become.  You will start to appreciate life so much more.

Many people find being grateful really hard and I used to be one of these. If someone had asked me a few years ago what are you grateful for, I would have probably have said “what have I got to be grateful for”.
As a society we tend to look on the negative side of most things, mainly because we are surrounded by lots of negative things. Always thinking of what we are lacking, what we do not have and what we haven’t done.
How things are always going wrong, bills always need paying. Why is life so bad and treating us this way, what have I done so wrong, I don’t deserve this. Whys does it always happen to me?.

Everyone needs to take a step back and look at all the wonderful things in life that there is. Just have more awareness, take time to look around you. While you are walking just look at all the things around you, you may even notice things that you have not noticed before. Just being able to walk and see is definitely something to be grateful for.

Being grateful for nature

Why be grateful

One thing for sure is that being grateful can help you towards your happiness. It raises your positive outlook and starts to make you feel a lot more optimistic about your future and life in general.
The first thing we all should be grateful for is that the fact that every morning we wake up is another day we are alive to enjoy and experience all the wonderful things we can. Surely we should all be grateful for this. Being grateful everyday helps us appreciate life and everything and everyone around us.
It makes you start thinking of all the little things that you would normally take for granted, the things that you would not even think twice about.

We should be grateful for so many things like the sun, moon, sky, the air we breathe, the trees (where would we be if they were no trees). I could go on. Its because we take some many things around us for granted that we barely think about them. But we really need to start as all these things keep the world going and keep us living how we are.

Our world is pretty messed with violence, war, pollution and mad things people do nowadays. No wonder we all seem negative and in bad moods all the time.
But negative attitudes are bad for us. Just being grateful can make you a lot happier and in turn you will start to feel a lot healthier. We need to stop focusing on all the bad things that are going on and start looking at all the wonderful things that are happening around the world.

Gratitude strengthens our awareness, helps us develop our personality, helps us feel more optimistic and attract more positive people in your life.
It can help you emotionally, in your social life, even in your career and most of all it can help you towards your happiness.


Being grateful shifts your focus on how you perceive the world around you. Makes you more aware of the positive things in life and not all the negative things. You will become a lot happier; it will inspire you to achieve so much more.It will  even give you motivation to try things you have never done before. Your total outlook on life will be so much better. It will help you deal with situation in your life, like relationships, crisis and dealing with tragedy.

For instant, when you loss someone you feel deep sorrow and sadness but you can feel grateful that your friends and family helped and supported you through this hard time. You can also be grateful that you got to spend time with the person and that you have good memories that you will always have.
It may seem hard to understand or take in but in every situation good or bad there is always something to be grateful for.

Being grateful everyday will help motivate you, have a positive impact on your way of thinking and your mindset. You will become a more positive you.
Be grateful has some many benefits as long as you remember to be grateful everyday even things that don’t seem significant.

“Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining, it does you no good and doesn’t solve any problem”. By Zig Ziglar.
Researches say that gratitude can:
Open doors to more relationships:
Improves physical and psychological health:
Improves empathy and reduces aggression:
Helps you sleep better:
Improves self-esteem:
Increases mental strength:
Reduce materialism:
Makes us more optimistic:


“Grateful today for all the things I often take for granted”

Being grateful

Tips on how to be grateful

There is lots of ways to help you be more grateful, just appreciating what you have and not what you don’t have. Try living for the now, stop worrying about the past and the future. Read inspirational and motivational quotes daily. Take time for yourself by going for a walk. Look for all the positive during day, even in bad situation try finding something out of it to be grateful for.
Start a gratitude dairy. Each night before I go to bed I write three things that I have been grateful for on that day. They can be big things that have happened or really small things.

Here is an example of three things that maybe you can write.
1. I am grateful that it didn’t rain on the way to work this morning.
2. I am grateful that my kids got up for school and were not late today.
3. I am grateful that I received a pay rise today.
As you can see it can be small or something bigger. It really doesn’t matter as long as you feel grateful for it.

Seeing good as well as bad makes it a lot less easier to complain
To be grateful is so easy to do and it doesn’t cost us anything. For some reason we find it hard to be grateful. If we all were more grateful everyday, we would all be a lot happier.

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