Personal Development

It all started as a coffee conversation with a powerful vision – how we wanted and knew we could support people to do what we were doing, which was creating more positive versions of ourselves and working on our Personal Development (personal growth)

In 2015 we had both come out of toxic and negative relationships. It was a difficult and horrible time. We knew we had to make changes to break free of the negativity. So it was time to find our “WHY?”. By doing this we would find our direction to our true purpose in life.

It was a long and difficult journey but we made it to a great place!

We came up with the initial concept of creating an E-book about ‘positivity, negativity and how Personal Development is a life skill process that we all go through every single day’ – nice little niche project for us to work on.


A few days later at our next coffee meet we had devised a much bigger concept – A company, called PenstarGrowth, that would have online courses, free e-books and templates, blogs and so much more (all in the pipeline). An opportunity for us to fulfil our personal goals in development coaching and to work with & help people who are at a crossroads, stuck in a rut, looking to change their lifestyles, career or job role for more positive ones or simply wanting to learn new life skills.

We both have a passion for personal development, for wanting to see people succeed and make improvements in their lives, focus on and achieve their goals and finding their true passions & purpose.

So many people live within the confines of their comfort zone habits which can hinder their success in business or as an entrepreneur, they quit on their ideas, it can affect relationships. Finding your passion so you can grow takes effort, but the sense of self worth and success is so worth it!

You absolutely deserve to live an awesome life of prosperity!

What’s our vision?

We’re passionate about helping as many people around the world work on their personal development positively so they can fulfil their life goals and live the lifestyle they desire.

We want to see you succeed in every area of your life and create a more positive YOU!

And we sincerely want to create a legacy of Happiness.

We have 2 personal goals

To make a massive impact and awesome contribution, in a positive way, to peoples lives around the world.

To feel great personal happiness from the work we do.

Our 6 core beliefs for your Personal Development

You can remove self doubt, fear and limiting beliefs.

You can fulfil your dreams

There’s always a choice to be positive or negative, both inside and outside.

You can have the success if you desire it enough and work very hard until you achieve it.

No matter what age you are you can do anything you want!

The fundamental key to your success and happiness is your Personal Development!

We know our courses will help you! Learn new skills which can enhance your career and personal life. A personal development plan will help you develop a positive mind, successful motivation, allow you to learn good interpersonal skills for better communication and development opportunities in your work, career or as an entrepreneur.

Learning Personal Development Coaching is something we both love and it’s a role we know helps so many people.

Thanks for reading, 

Debbie & Phil

PenstarGrowth Personal Development

Who is Debbie?

Debbie volunteers with local charity groups and is currently training to be a fully qualified Councillor. Her aim is to work with children so she can spend time coaching them the life skill process to master a positive mindset, giving them the foundation for their personal development.

At the age of 46 she had to start her life over with her four Daughters, who were aged 17 to 9 years old at the time, with virtually nothing. But it was her determination to create a better life for herself and her daughters that allowed her to rebuild her life. And with this change she had a firm focus on the goals she wants to achieve and her own happiness.

Having learnt so much about personal growth during this period has taught Debbie a valuable life lesson – “it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can do or be anything you want, as long as you are passionate and put the work in”. Starting PenstarGrowth with Phil has given her the opportunity to fulfil this belief and help others realise this too.

In her spare time Debbie has a love for running, travelling, reading books and has a fascination with how people think.


Who is Phil?

Phil had a career, but wasn’t happy being an employee. He changed his role and is now a Life Coach and has a passion and purpose to support people who want to create more positivity in their lives so they can push forward and live the lifestyle that they really desire.

 ‘I believe people can be better than they believe they can be’. In my experience we easily get caught up in life, filling it with want’s and wishes and the expectations of others. When in fact we should become more aware, discover who we are as individuals and then make our own choices and fill our lives with our true desires instead. This sets us all up to help others less fortunate. I just love watching people make that realisation”.

Phil has a passion for Personal Development, how people interact together, how society divides itself and of course PenstarGrowth, where with Debbie, he wants to help as many people around the world create a more positive mindset and move towards their true happiness.

In his spare time he loves to keep fit, travel around the world, enjoys playing his bass guitar, likes to draw and has been a passionate football fan most of his life.


Invest in yourself and let PenstarGrowth help you create a more positive you!

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