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Time is a funny old thing. We worship it and we want more of it, yet it’s not real.

The universe doesn’t acknowledge it, the earth doesn’t either. Nature doesn’t care and most anything living doesn’t either.

Yet this man made scale has us all hooked and wanting more of it. We crave more of it – ‘If I only had more time’, ‘Where does the time go’…

If we stopped using it as a measure completely would we be in such a rush all the time, would we quit worrying about getting up on the dot, making that meeting… it would cause chaos for so many and that in itself would cause mass hysteria, but again, man invented it.

It is certainly one the most important inventions we have ever created. We could’ve ended up with more hours in a day, or five sunsets equalling 1 day etc… but here we are.

So, before I run out of time, here are 10 things that it does

thinking about time

1 – It makes us think

We portion it to our requirements. We tend to set more time for what’s important in our lives therefore making us think. Some people will give a lot of it to keep fit, whilst others will give that time to sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Some of us will work 40+ hours per week, while others are happy to stay at home and do nothing.

Whatever we have going on in our lives we will use time to portion out the amount of time we spend doing such things.

2 – It controls us

We have separated time into segments that we tend to adhere too. It even controls when we can do certain things in life. In fact, many of us use time to set our routines for the day, the week, month, year etc.

We only get so much of it during our lifetime and the punch line is we don’t actually know how much we get.

Even those who think that by staying in the office after office hours is somehow achieving something. It actually doesn’t help you at all because all your doing is giving away your precious time. Lying on the sofa doing nothing is another way of giving away your precious time.

The system of time is with us forever now, it’s now ingrained within us, it’s a part of being human. You have to learn to embrace it and not let it control you. Make use of your time how you want to, but remember, using it poorly will end with one result when you finally run out of time – regret.


3 – Timetables

It may seem childish to some, but having a timetable for the week is actually an awesome way to not just manage your life but also your time. You can arrange what you do, prioritise when you do it and know that you are making the most of it.

There are of course timetables created by industries such as travel. They tell us when our flight or train time is, whether it’s arriving etc. This saves us guessing and let’s face it, without it we would be lost.

So yeah, time created timetables.

4 – Creating excuses

What’s one of the top excuses we use for getting out of doing something or not being able to achieve something?

‘I don’t have enough time, sorry’.

The reality is, what you’re saying is rubbish, you do and the person you’re telling this to knows you have the time.

We use it either to save time explaining why in fact you don’t want to do something or you really have no idea how to manage it.

You have time, it’s that simple.

‘Can you come over and help me move some furniture around for a couple of hours’

Your reply, ‘Ah, I can’t, I don’t have time’ and the rest of the sentence you keep to yourself is ‘because I’m busy watching TV and can’t be bothered’.

We all know who these people are.

5 – Saying ‘No’

Now, there are moments when some people abuse your time because they are lazy wasting theirs. If you want to save some of that sweet precious time of yours to spend doing something positive for you then learn to simply say ‘No’.

Watch these people flee as if from the scene of a crime. Once they know the free time is no longer available they’ll be looking for the next kind person to fleece time from.

Learn to say ‘No’ and keep you most precious commodity for better use. Now, of course, the time you have is yours to do as you wish, just don’t keep giving it away so freely, you need it for you too.

6 – Experiences

You get experiences in exchange for your time. Wouldn’t you rather they were positive and filled with happiness rather than misery and negativity.

Using it wisely and gaining positive experiences allows you to be a better and more positive person.

Isn’t it better spent with loved ones, having fun, doing something together rather than ignoring each other over a stupid argument or because you’re engrossed with your phone or tablet.

Experiences are what you are here for, so make as many as you can.

relaxing time

7 – ‘Lying in’

Lying in is not catching up on sleep, it’s a waste. What are you waiting for? If you insist on staying in bed when you don’t need to then at least use these moments positively and read a book, research, make plans, meditate…

We give ourselves an amount of time to sleep, recommended 8 hours, which is rubbish. We are all different and some people don’t need as much sleep as others. Have the right amount of sleep that you need to have which will free up more time for you.

If that means getting up at 5 or 6am then do it. You can easily work out what suits you best by testing and see how you get on. Beside, you’ll have plenty of time to ‘Lie in’ when your gone!

8 – Time for you

This is the most important time you have. Time for you. By yourself so you can have calm, steady yourself and create a positive sense about yourself. Mindfulness. It’s like recharging the batteries. If you don’t recharge you will run out of energy one day and your health is vitally important to you, believe it or not.

If you’re broken, then you can’t do what you want to do and you can’t help anyone else. Use some of your time on yourself and keep yourself in tip top shape. After all it’s your time.

Here are a couple of things to think about:

Is what I am doing right now worth my time? Is it taking me to towards the lifestyle I want? Is it fulfilling?

It may seem like a pain to think about such things, but when you use it more wisely you will get more positive benefits

9 – A perspective

There are moments in our lives when time gives us perspective.

This is normally triggered by an event, but we then revert to time to try and get a measure of what amount we have left on Earth, that we should do more with we have. We make idle promises and soon go back to the way things were until the next reminder that time is short.

It doesn’t take much time for us to slip back into our comfort zones. But perspective can make you think about regrets, things you didn’t or haven’t done. If there’s time left then do them before it’s too late.

10 – Efficient

We have become extremely reliant on the 24 hour clock with it’s 60 minutes per hour. It keeps us efficient with regards certain things. Work – 9 til 5, appointments – turning up on time for them, being there to pick the kids up… in other words we make sure that we work out how much time we need to be where we need to be without being late.

I know, there’s plenty of people who don’t know how a clock works and will role up when they want, but realise this – they don’t care about you which is why they are late. You can bet they wouldn’t be late to pick their children up…

space time


We have a system of measurement that we created and it’s called ‘time’. You are confined by it and given an unknown amount of it. It is extremely precious, the most important commodity you will ever own. It’s has built our societies and relationships, products and thinking… yet it doesn’t even exist.

There’s so much about time that I could go on and on, but I’ve run out of time, for now. Until next time… (I know, bad puns… too soon?)

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