To be more positive and happier means creating changes within You! Investing in your personal Growth is empowering and extremely important.

Do you desire to be more positive and the best you can be?

Are you looking for more time to do the things you are passionate about?

Do you want to attract happiness and abundance into your life?

Are you struggling to really know what you want and how to get there?

Do you feel as though you’re stuck in a rut and going nowhere fast?

Personal Growth Courses To Boost Your Personal Life And Career

At PenstarGrowth we are passionate about helping you create a more positive you.

With our online courses you can create a more positive way of thinking, live the lifestyle you desire and fulfil your true purpose in life!

After all, you deserve a more fulfilling life, right?

You know there’s more to life, that there is more out there, but where do you find it? You may also ask yourself the following – How do I make it happen? Where do I start?

You need a desire to change yourself! Starting the PenstarGrowth online courses will support you and set the foundations for creating a more positive you!

What Can You Achieve By Doing Our Courses?

Manage and create more time!

Become more self-aware and grateful!

Benefit from less worry, anxiety and negative thoughts!

Master and create an awesome positive mindset!

Gain more confidence and become more focused!

Discover and find the freedom to achieve your passions and true purpose!

Unleash your happiness!!

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Personal Development

Who are the online courses for?

Our online courses are designed for anyone who wants support in improving their personal growth and change their life! Whether you’re a student, business person, stay at home parent or retired our online courses are for you! Oh, and the icing on the cake – it doesn’t matter if it’s 16 or 60 candles, there’s no age restriction on personal growth. Invest in yourself, program your mind and create a more positive you!

You have the ability within you already to achieve amazing things whether that’s greater wealth, health or happiness!

 Remember – You always have the choice to change your life for the lifestyle you desire.

Personal Development - Debbie and Phil


We guarantee you that if you work hard and follow the online course program steps you’ll create a more positive you, reducing the gap of where you are now and where you want to be! For peace of mind we offer a 30 day money-back-guarantee if you are not entirely happy with the course.

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Personal Development

Why Us?

6 Great Reasons


We are passionate about helping as many people as possible as we ourselves have had to overcome many challenges just like you

we believe

We Believe

We believe in you and our courses will support your change to be the awesome person you want to be

our vision

Our Vision

Our commitment is to create a better world, a positive environment for all of us through Personal Development



We guarantee you that if you work hard and follow the online course steps you will reduce the gap of where you are now and where you want to be! We are so confident that you can achieve this we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.



When you take any of our courses you will be given the opportunity, if you wish, to join our online community on Facebook. This closed group will allow you to share with other likeminded people and we will also be available in the group



We have a monthly newsletter that's worth you signing up to! We will have exclusive offers such as Discounts that won't be available elsewhere. You'll also get the latest updates and access to Free templates.

What our clients are saying

Dee West

Health Care Assistant

“Good presentation. Great concept for all ages. Team works well together, friendly and approachable. Highly recommended”

Michelle Baker

Business Owner

“2 months later and the changes to my life are so positive. Really looking forward to your other courses. You guys have a cool dynamic”

Bob Burnell

Freelance Photographer

“10 out of 10, loved doing this 168 course. I can actually take part in my passion for photography which I'd stopped doing because I 'never had enough time'. Thanks guys”

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